Auditorium construction underway

The college’s latest building project, a 160-seat auditorium now under construction behind the Veterinary Academic Building, will provide needed physical space to continue expanding the professional D.V.M. program enrollment over time.

The new building is one of two auditoriums, the first having been secured at the UF Health Science Center, that will support additional students in the coming years as the college expands its professional D.V.M. program.

 Located in the southeast corner of the building complex at SW 16th Avenue, the new facility will seat 160 people, Dean Glen Hoffsis said.

 “The auditorium is needed in order to accomodate our enrollment expansion program, which provides an opportunity for more students to obtain a D.V.M. from UF,” Hoffsis said, alluding to the term that has become synonymous with the acceptance of additional out-of-state who pay higher tuition, covering more of the costs of admission and boosting overall college revenue in the process.

The first 12 additional students began their veterinary studies at UF last fall, upping the number of freshman students from the traditional 88 to 100.

“We are approved to admit up to 50 additional students per class, over time,” Hoffsis said. “To do this, we need to provide the physical space for lectures, labs and clinics.”

 Hoffsis said it was essential that the college also provide additional faculty to ensure that all students continue to receive a superior education.

The opening of the new UF Small Animal Hospital last November was a milestone in many ways for the college and for the hospital operation, which has been in operation without a major expansion since 1977. The new 100,000 square-foot hospital also creates more space for learning and clinical interaction.

 “The hospital was a key component to accommodate the expanded enrollment program, and the two auditoriums will be needed particularly for the freshman and sophomore students,” Hoffsis said.

 The dean said that following completion of the new auditorium, the room commonly known as Lecture Hall A, which recently was renamed the Dean’s Circle of Excellence Lecture Hall, will be used for elective courses and for student activities and clubs.

The Banfield seminar room, located on the third floor of the new hospital, will also be used for elective courses as well as for events and continuing education.

The new auditorium will be rectangular with center and gently sloping side aisles. It will have curved tables with detached, comportable chairs for added flexibility, space and comfort. There will also be conferencing technology including a high definition projector, and restrooms.

“Best of all, this new auditorium is being paid for with funding from the hospital project,” Hoffsis said. “It is completely paid for, with no debt.”

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