Radiology technician is FVMA’s
CVT of the Year


Danielle Mauragis stands with Dean Glen Hoffsis after receiving the CVT of the Year award from FVMA.

Danielle Mauragis, a radiology technician and 21-year employee of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, has received the Florida Veterinary Medical Association’s 2011 Certified Veterinary Technician of the Year award.

“The award recognizes the many outstanding contributions made by the Certified Veterinary Technician to the overall success of the veterinary practice operated or staffed by an FVMA member veterinarian,” said FVMA’s executive director, Phil Hinkle.

Certified veterinary technicians, or CVTs,  hold an advanced credential in the field of veterinary technology. Technicians serve as valuable support staff to veterinarians in hospital and laboratory settings, providing patient monitoring, animal restraint, administration of medication and treatment and other forms of assistance.

“Danielle is best described as one who puts her heart and soul into her work,” said Dr. Clifford “Kip” Berry, a professor in the UF College of Veterinary Medicine’s department of small animal clinical sciences and chief of the hospital’s diagnostic imaging service. Berry nominated Mauragis for the award.

“If she is going to do anything related to work, she is going to do an excellent job with a professional attitude and manner,” Berry said. “She has a great work ethic and looks for ways to serve others by being a team player, whether the service is busy or extremely busy.”

Berry said Mauragis always had three goals in mind when taking radiographs of small or large animal patients: patient care and safety; radiation safety from the standpoint of student training; and showing leadership skills by ensuring high-quality images for the radiology service.

“Danielle has always been committed to the mission of the radiology service and has provided a role model for her teammates as well as other technicians throughout the hospital,” Berry said. “She is one of the longest-employed CVTs at UF and as a lifetime employee, she has been through major changes and transitions here at the college. She has always seen these changes as opportunities to provide excellence in patient care, veterinary diagnostic imaging and teaching of all classes of veterinary students through the various radiology courses within the veterinary curriculum.”

Mauragis has been employed by the UF College of Veterinary Medicine since 1990 and has taught the past 21 classes of veterinary students all aspects of the physics of diagnostic imaging, quality control of radiographs, positioning of small and large animals and radiation safety.

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