Talents motivate student
to further human/animal bond



Morgan Guoan in a promotional poster for her professional football team.

Morgan Guoan played collegiate and professional football before veterinary school, and is shown in a promotional poster for the Nashville Dream Team.

University of Florida veterinary student Morgan Guoan had shown considerable athletic prowess and an impressive background in the music industry before deciding what she really wanted to do was go to veterinary school. Now a senior, Guoan hopes to work in emergency medicine when she graduates, and possibly participate in veterinary hospice care in her community one day.

Using her talents to further the human/animal bond is what she would value the most, said Guoan, who can’t let go of either her artistic or athletic bents.

“I hope to find myself in a city that allows me to offer veterinary services to artists that come into town,” Guoan said. “That would be the icing on the cake.”

Guoan started in the music industry in 1998 working in public relations and publicity with Garth Brooks’ old manager, Pam Lewis.

“Pam had a small group of artists and writers that I worked with while in college at Middle Tennessee State University,” Guoan said. “I also managed artists and worked in sound and lighting for eight years after I graduated. I ended my career as a tour manager for an HBO Def Jam artist and a folk artist.”

Looking back, she said, she is grateful that she has been able to meet people from all walks of life.

“It was a great experience,” Guoan said.

Guoan said she learned a lot in the way of discipline, leadership, and drive from both collegiate soccer and the Nashville Dream Team, a football team she played for after college for three years. The team is part of the National Women’s Football Association, which has teams in almost every state, she said.

“It was an amazing time, with full pads, lots of traveling with a really fun group of professionals,” said Guoan, who held the position of free safety and defense captain. “Most of the women that played were between 22-50 years old. Everyone was so talented, but unfortunately because of school, I could no longer play. It was so much fun, and I would get back into it if I could.”

Although she may not play football any longer, Guoan has been active member of Team Vetmed for several years, and now serves as the group’s president. Team Vetmed consists of faculty, staff, students and other friends of the college who participate in cycling and running events together in support of student scholarships.

“My life experiences being an athlete, working in the music industry and having a life on the road, have enabled me to learn people and their lifestyles and to enjoy many different personalities and walks of life,” Guoan said. “My past has taught me how easy being unconditional to someone can be, when you are able to put your own judgments aside. Being an ear to someone and a voice for others helped shape me into who I am today.”

Guoan also serves as a student representative for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc., and as a student ambassador for the college. She writes for the local community publication, Critter Magazine, and serves as a student teaching assistant for the freshman anatomy course.

“While my past may seem drastically different from where I am now, I choose to continue to learn from it and extend it into my day to day life and future, in hopes to be a positive role model to others as so many were to me,” Guoan said.

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August 2011

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