SAVMA plans panel discussion
on vector-borne diseases

The Student American Veterinary Association and the Public Health and Service Club are sponsoring a panel discussion on vector borne diseases on Nov. 29  at 6 p.m. in the Banfield Conference room of the new UF Small Animal Hospital.

“Each year, the national SAVMA Public Health and Community Outreach Committee’s One Health Working Group selects a topic of both veterinary and human health importance to raise awareness of the merging fronts of health professions, and to promote its One Health Initiative,” said Kyle Donnelly, a sophomore UF veterinary student who is enrolled in the DVM/MPH dual degree program. Donnelly serves as a junior delegate for SAVMA and the group’s One Health chairman.

Professionals from the Colleges of Medicine, Public Health and Health Professions and Veterinary Medicine will come together to educate UF students, faculty and staff during the panel discussion. UF has selected Lyme disease as a representative disease to highlight One Health because of its ability to cross professional boundaries.

Four speakers will each present a 15-minute talk on their area of Lyme Disease, Donnelly said.

“We will have a veterinarian, a physician and two other scientists specializing in environmental and global health,” she added. “There will be an interactive demonstration following the talks with tick specimens and a dissecting scope.”

Light refreshments will be served.

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