One Health Initiative evening panel on Vector Borne Diseases highlighting Lyme Disease.

Dr. Rick Alleman, a tick-borne disease specialist, was one of the speakers. (Photo by Jesse Jones)

One Health Seminar held

A panel of experts presented information about Lyme disease during a seminar held last month to promote awareness of the One Health campaign.

The event drew about 70 people to the Banfield Room at the UF Small Animal Hospital and was sponsored by the Student American Veterinary Medical Association and the Public Health Service Club. 

Speakers included the college’s Dr. Rick Alleman; Dr. Robert Holt, and Dr. Kimberly Kaye, a physician. Following the presentations, Katherine Saylor, a

Scope being used to view ticks.

A dissecting scope was used to allow participants to view various tick species. (Photo by Jesse Jones)

doctoral student studying with Alleman, brought her dissecting scope and went over how to identify tick species.

“We were very happy to see so many people come out that were not associated with the vet school,” said Kyle Donnelly, a sophomore veterinary student who is enrolled in the DVM/MPH program. Donnelly is also SAVMA’s junior delegate and chairman of the group’s One Health committee.

“It’s these kinds of events that open communication between the different colleges at UF,” Donnelly said. “I hope everyone was able to see how we aren’t really all so different.”


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