Tiger undergoes tests
at UF Small Animal Hospital

This 8-year-old tiger came to the zoological medicine service at UF’s Small Animal Hospital in mid-February after showing a loss of appetite and signs of gastrointestinal discomfort. The tiger received ultrasound and endoscopic tests with involvement from other services as well, including radiology and small animal medicine.

“The diagnosis was arthritis in the hip,” said Dr. Ramiro Isaza, associate professor of zoological medicine. He added that Dr. Antonio Pozzi performed an arthroscopic procedure on the tiger Feb. 21 to clean out the tiger’s hip joint, and that the animal recovered well from the procedure.

“We sent her home Friday (Feb. 24) for cage rest and a prescription for antibiotics and pain medications to help her hip heal,” Isaza said. The tiger will be reevaluated at UF in several weeks to see if she has improved.

Here are a few photos from the tiger’s visit. (All photos by Maria Farias.) You can check out the video at: http://news.health.ufl.edu/2012/18630/top-feature/18630/

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