Students, residents, honored at Phi Zeta Day

Veterinary students, graduate students and residents who participated in 2012 Phi Zeta Day were honored for their research presentations on March 5. The event was held in the Dean’s Circle of Excellence Lecture Hall A.

Graduate student winners are shown at Phi Zeta Day on March 5.

Phi Zeta presenters and winners in DVM student category.

Awards were given in poster and platform categories, with DVM students competing in both categories, residents in platform venue and graduate students in poster venue. The winners were:

Poster Sessions, Graduate Students:
(Ph.D. category)
Missa Patrick Sanou, for his topic, “HIV-1 and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) Cross-reactivity Reveals Conserved Regions Potentially Important in an HIV-1 Vaccine.” His mentor is Dr. Janet Yamamoto.
(Ph.D., Special Recognition)
Anna Bassit, for her topic, “PTH Increases Cancellous Bone Mass and Formation in Dwarf Rats Despite a Depressed GH/1GF Axis.” Her mentor is Dr. Tom Wronski.
(MS category)
Dhani Prakoso, for his topic, “Efficiencies of Two PCR Methods for Detection of Animal Influenza.” His mentor is Dr. Maureen Long.
(MS, Special Recognition)
Allison Hreha, for her topic, “Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Albuterol Sulfate in Thoroughbred vs. Standardbred Horses.” Her mentor is Dr. Pat Colahan.

DVM student winners at Phi Zeta Day on March 5.

More Phi Zeta presenters and winners.

Poster Sessions, DVM Students:
(Basic Science)
Kyle Webb, for her topic, “Vaccine Platform for High Level Incorporation of Multivalent M2e on the influenza virus surface.” Her mentor is from Virginia Tech.
(Large Animal and Wildlife )
Mike Alber, for his topic, “Vascular Perfusion of the Palmar Condyles of the Third Metacarpal Bone; A Possible Contributing Factor to Palmar Osteochondral Disease.” His mentor is Dr. Murray Brown.
(Small Animal)
Kyle Farrell, for his topic, “Decreased Serum Amylase Concentration as a Potential Marker of Hepatic Dysfunction in Dogs.” His mentor is Dr. Richard Hill.

Platform Presentations, DVM Students:
(Large and Small Animal)
Alisa Corser for her topic “Systemic Effects of a Continuous Infusion of Ketamine in Healthy Horses.” Her mentor is Dr. Chris Sanchez.
Susan Fogelson, Class of 2012, for her topic, “Renal Histology of the Lined Seahorse). Her mentors were Dr. Roy Yanong, Dr. Stephen Smith and Dr. Ilze Berzins.

Platform Presentations, Residents:
(Small Animal)
Dr. Rob Armentano, for his topic “Thromboelastographic Evaluation of Hemostatic Function in Dogs Treated for Crotalid Snake Envenomation.”  His mentor is Dr. Carsten Bandt.
(Pathology and Wildlife)
Dr. Natalie Hall, for her topic “Serum Osmolality in Captive Asian Elephants: Measurement Techniques, Reference Interval and Effects of Water Deprivation.” Her mentor is Dr. Ramiro Isaza.


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