Faculty members’  paper
named best 2011 publication
by anesthesia journal

A paper co-authored by three University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine faculty members has received the Langley Journal Award for best paper published in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analagesia in 2011.

The lead author was Dr. Andre Shih, an assistant professor of veterinary anesthesiology.  Co-authors included Dr. Carsten Bandt, an assistant professor of emergency and critical care medicine, and Dr. Alessio Vigani, an anesthesia resident.

The article was selected to receive the prestigious Langley prize by the Association of Veterinary Anaesthesia’s foundation. The award was presented at the association’s annual meeting, held March 22-23 in Davos, Switzerland. Shih accepted the award on behalf of the authors.

The paper was titled, “Determination of cardiac output by ultrasound velocity dilution in normovolemia and hypovolemia in dogs.” The paper describes the development of a new method to monitor cardiac output in dogs.

“Cardiac output is the most important index used to evaluate the heart’s function,” Shih said. “It is very challenging to minimally invasively determine cardiac output in dogs due to their small size and fast heart rate.”

Shih said that as a result of the research reported in the paper, the authors are now using this novel method to better care for sick dogs in the UF Small Animal Hospital’s emergency room.

“In addition, following this research, we partnered up with the UF pediatric cardiology service to use the same device in toddlers hospitalized in Shands ICU,” Shih said.




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