Sophomores honored at coating ceremony

By Sarah Carey

Sophomore veterinary students were honored May 11 with the official presentation of their clinical white coats during the traditional professional coating ceremony that has become a University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine tradition.

The coating ceremony marks successful completion of the first two years of veterinary school, after which the students transition into clinical rotations. Each student was given a coat, embroidered in blue with their names above the left coat pocket, which was presented to them by a faculty member or other mentor of their choice. Hundreds of students’ friends and family membersĀ  attended the event, along with additional faculty and administrative representatives of the college and other supporters.

FVMA Champion of Veterinary Medicine scholarship winner

FVMA Champion of Veterinary Medicine scholarship winner Leah Mann holds her plaque.

Dr. Jerry Rayburn, owner of Carter Veterinary Hospital in Winter Haven, presented the Florida Veterinary Medical Association’s keynote address. He told the students to never forget what a great opportunity they have in the veterinary profession to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

“You will become an ambassador of veterinary medicine, and in your interactions with your peers and the public when you enter clinical rotations, you will be able to elevate that image,” he said.

“I can’t emphasize enough that the turtle on the fence post didn’t get there by itself,” he said, adding that an appreciation of teamwork, a positive attitude, and integrity were all important to cultivate, as students would increasingly be placed in situations where they were called upon to make decisions that would impact people’s lives.

FVMA scholarship winner

FVMA Champion of Veterinary Medicine scholarship winner Kelly McGowan holds her plaque.

Rayburn then presented the FVMA’s Champion of Veterinary Medicine scholarship awards, which went to Kelly McGowan and Leah Mann.

In addition, several other sophomore scholarship awards were presented during the event. Scholarships presented and the winners included:

Kevin Anderson Team Vet Med Scholarship: Megan Manzie

SCAVMA Sophomore Awards: Kyle Donnelly and Kimberly Alexander received the activity awards and Megan Manzie received the Hill’s SCAVMA award.

Veterinary Learning Award: Charles Gregory

Veterinary Medicine Board of Directors Scholarships: Megan Manzie and Rhiana McFarlin

Veterinary Pathology Scholarship Award: John Rosado

Ahrano Scholarship: Danielle Feld

Pet Memorial Scholarship: Jason Pearsall and Stephanie Garrett

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Sophomores honored at coating ceremony

Sophomore students marked completion of their first two years of veterinary school during the traditional professional coating ceremony on May 11.

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