Between student activities, the culmination of UF’s Capital Campaign, National Veterinary Technician week, the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners Meeting and Gator football- it’s been full month! Here are a few photos capturing just a few people, animals and friends we’ve seen or heard from recently.


Kate Valdovinos, Jo Ann Winn and Dr. ? at FAEP.

Kate Valdovinos, Jo Ann Winn and Dr. John Bass, president of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association, at the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners meeting, held in Naples Oct. 11-14. (Photo courtesy of Karen Legato)


Dr. Raegan Wells, Dr. Michael Peterson, Dr. Lyndi Gilliam, Dr. Craig Woods, Dr. Karen Seibold, Dr. Mayrim Perez, a small animal internal medicine resident at UF, are shown during “Venom Week” 2012, held in July in Honolulu, HI. The meeting focuses on developing solutions for the medical and economic impact of envenomation from snakes, spiders and scorpions. Perez presented a paper during the event. Her coauthors, Karlie Fox, a veterinary technician in ICU at UF, and , Dr. Michael Schaer, professor emeritus of small animal medicine and Perez’ mentor, were not able to attend the meeting but were instrumental in the project, Perez said. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Mayrim Perez)


Cali and family back for recheck on 10/17/12

Cali, a chocolate Labrador retriever that survived being bitten by an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake after treatment at UF’s Small Animal Hospital, returned to Gainesville on Oct. 17 with her family for a re-check. Cali received 24 vials of antivenin and underwent multiple surgeries as well as serum sickness, but she’s doing great! Shown with Cali in the hospital lobby are Jacob Schmitt; Dr. Michael Schaer, who provided much of Cali’s treatment; Daniel Schmitt; Zach Schmitt and the boys’ mother, Connie Schmitt. (Photo by Sarah Carey)

Students washing a dog at Project Heal dog and car wash.

Veterinary students Joaquin Sosa and Nicole Diaz wash a dog during a dog and car wash fundraiser to raise money for Project Heal on Oct. 7. Students involved in the event said there was a great turnout, and almost $500 was raised. (Photo courtesy of Erin Dickerson)

Zoological medicine technician Pia Orejo, left, and junior veterinary student Erica Bernard with rabbit.

Zoological medicine technician Pia Orejo, left, and junior veterinary student Erica Bernard are shown working with “Chip,” a rabbit owned by veterinary student Michelle Pinto, on Sept. 28. (Photo by Sarah Carey)


Bonnie, a German short-haired pointer

Bonnie, a German short-haired pointer owned by Elliott Burnside of Ponte Vedra Beach, lounges in the reception area of the Small Animal Hospital on Oct. 8. Bonnie was present as “company” for her half-sister, who was visiting the dermatology service that day. (Photo by Sarah Carey)

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November 2012

Jackie inside of the hyperbaric chamber during her third treatment on Oct. 15.

UF treats first animal in new hyperbaric chamber

A dog bitten by a rattlesnake is doing well after treatment at UF’s Small Animal Hospital, where she became the first patient to be treated in a new hyperbaric chamber.

College’s oncology program benefits from Hyundai grant

The UF College of Veterinary Medicine is a collaborator in a $250,000 collaborative grant from Hyundai Hope on Wheels that will help support childhood cancer research.

Kathy Reger scans for microchip with Dr. Brian DiGangi

Event provides opportunity to thank key supporters

Several key supporters visited the college on Oct. 5 for tours and a luncheon thanking them for their contributions.

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