Friends, family members and longtime former colleagues of Dr. Paul Nicoletti gathered at UF’s Straughn Center Oct. 26 to celebrate his 80th birthday and a lifetime of service and commitment to the veterinary profession and the agricultural industry. Although he retired from his position as professor of infectious diseases with the college in 2003, Nicoletti has remained active in college life, continuing to travel the state with Dean Glen Hoffsis and others to liaise with practicing veterinarians and members of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association. Here are a few photos from the gathering.

Cupcakes for Dr. Nicoletti's birthday.

Cupcakes served at Dr. Nicoletti’s birthday called to mind what else…..cows! (Photo by Sarah Carey)

Dr. John Dame, Dr. John Harvey and Dr. Owen Rae.

Dr. John Dame, chairman of the department of infectious diseases and pathology; Dr. John Harvey, the college’s executive associate dean; and Dr. Owen Rae, professor of food animal medicine. (Photo by Sarah Carey)

Dr. Bernie Machen, president of the University of Florida, and Dr. Paul Nicoletti.

Dr. Bernie Machen, president of the University of Florida, and Dr. Paul Nicoletti. (Photo by Sarah Carey)

Drs. Donovan, Calderwood-Mays and Gordon.

Drs. Art Donovan, Maron Calderwood-Mays and Patti Gordon were among the guests. (Photo by Sarah Carey)

Welcome banner

The celebration was held inside UF’s new Straughn Center for Professional Development, and guests were greeted and invited to sign a book for Dr. Nicoletti when they arrived. (Photo by Sarah Carey)


Dr. Nicoletti's family

Dr. Nicoletti with his two daughters, Julie Nicoletti (second from right), Nancy Leader (far right), his niece, Julia Leader and nephew, Dan Leader, prior to the celebration. (Photo by Sarah Carey)

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