CVM staffers honored by SCAVMA

Two CVM staffers, Betsy Hunter, a veterinary technician with the UF Small Animal Hospital, and Mike Sapper, a biological scientist who works in the CVM’s anatomy lab,  received the SCAVMA Staff Appreciation Awards for October and November respectively. Both have been honored with the award in the past as well.

Mike Sapper is shown in the freshman anatomy lab. (Photo by Sarah Carey)

Sapper works closely with freshman veterinary students during their anatomy courses. Here are some of the comments that students made in nominating him for the award.

“Mike is one of the most helpful and positively influential instructors at the CVM. He has helped countless freshmen succeed in anatomy, and also better enjoy their experience in the lab.”

“He is incredibly patient, always cheerful and is an invaluable resource to any anatomy student. His enthusiasm and passion for the subject is contagious, and he continually goes above and beyond to help students learn.”

“Mike makes anatomy easier to understand and has no problem spending extra hours in the lab to give additional instruction or to work on models and other innovative teaching tools, which do wonders to help students get a better grasp on some of the more difficult anatomy concepts. He is a huge asset to the CVM and we are grateful he is here!”

Betsy Hunter

Betsy Hunter is shown after being named the October 2010 SCAVMA Appreciation Award winner two years ago. (File photo)

About Hunter, who also received the SCAVMA Appreciation Award in 2010, the students had this to say.

“Betsy is always cheerful, saying ‘Hi’ to everyone in the hallways, even if you don’t know her that well.”

“She treats all the students like nieces and nephews and is always looking out for us, i.e. ‘don’t forget to move your car out of the lot for home games before it gets towed!’

“She’ll wash your white coat if you’ve gotten it soiled or just chat with you for a minute or two if you’re having a bad day.”

“Her job is not easy, but she never complains and always wears a smile.”

Each month SCAVMA recognizes a CVM staff member who makes a noteworthy impact on students’ lives.

“The CVM staff put great effort into making our experience here more manageable, more productive and sometimes more cheerful, and most remain under-appreciated,” said Jenny Larson, Class of 2015, SCAVMA vice president and student-faculty communication committee member.


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