New course,”The Dog”, wraps up fall term

A new course titled  “The Dog,” offered online for the first time at the college this fall, is attracting positive reviews from its first students, and course leaders are gearing up for the spring and summer terms.

“Students that have just taken the course are giving me feedback that they are really enjoying the material,” said Dr. Patrick Larkin, course coordinator.

The course is offered to undergraduates and pre-veterinary students from UF as well as from other universities;  veterinary technical students and others considering a career in veterinary medicine. Courses can be taken for credit or as continuing education; most college and university students sign up for traditional academic credit, but some do choose to enroll as CE students, Larkin said.

People such as dog groomers or people just interested in dogs can sign up for the class for CE credit. These students receive a “certificate of completion” once the course is over, whereas for-credit enrollees receive UF credit for the class, which they can then transfer to their home institution to be used towards their college degree.

Among the comments Larkin has received:

“This is my favorite class I am taking this semester, and that includes the class in which I am working with a pregnant heifer,” said Megan Kelly, a Clemson undergraduate student. “It is so directed towards what I love to learn and what I want to do in my future career path and everybody who is lecturing seems to know their material so well and are passionate about the topic they are lecturing. It is one of the few classes I voluntarily enjoy studying for and enjoy doing so!”

Said Magenta Kline, an undergraduate student at the College of Charleston, “I have been shadowing at a vet in preparation to apply to vet school and I feel like this class has really helped me ask better questions and understand more of what’s going on.”

Kline added, “It is really nice to learn such a variety of information and I really think this class has prepared me more for veterinary school than a lot of my undergraduate classes.”

Larkin said the material for the spring term would be consistent with the fall offerings, which focused on topics including musculoskeletal system, endocrinology, reproduction, neuroscience, behavior skeletal evolution, reproduction, and various canine diseases. The course also emphasizes the various roles of dogs in society as well as social problems and controversial issues related to dogs.

In addition, information on what’s involved in getting into veterinary school and tips for making strong veterinary applications is included.

Anyone seeking more information about the course should visit the website here.

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