Students and residents win awards for research

Student winners Phi Zeta '13

From left to right are Dr. Jim Wellehan, Dr. Chris Sanchez, Dr. Maureen Long, Kelly McGowan, Gina Zambrano and Whitney Topmiller.

Presentations by D.V.M. and graduate students as well as residents were made in both poster and platform presentation venues as part of this year’s Phi Zeta Research Emphasis Day activities, held March 15 at the college.

Winners in the various categories included:


Resident/Intern Presentations:
Dr. Laura Cuddy (mentored by Dr. Brad Case)
Dr. Louise Husted (mentored by Dr. Chris Sanchez)
Dr. Ashley Jones (mentored by Dr. Amara Estrada)
Dr. Valery Scharf (mentored by Dr. Rowan Milner)
Resident/Intern Posters:
Dr. Sarah Beatty (mentored by Dr. Rick Alleman)
Dr. Hirotaka Kondo (mentored by Dr. Jeff Abbott)

Graduate Student Presentations:
Dr. Shannon Roff (mentored by Dr. Janet Yamamoto)
Dr. Nanny Wenzlow (mentored by Dr. Maureen Long)

Graduate Student Posters:
Dr. Ketumaranahalli Nanjappa, (mentored by Dr. Paul Cooke)
Dr. Katherine Saylor (mentored by Dr. Rick Alleman)

Veterinary Student Posters:
Charlotte Jones (mentored by Dr. Nicole Stacy)
Kelly McGowan (mentored by Dr. Chris Sanchez)
Elizabeth Weber (mentored by Dr. Chris Sanchez)

Veterinary Student Presentations:
Kali Standorf (mentored by Dr. Jim Wellehan)
Whitney Topmiller (mentored by Dr. Iske Larkin)
Gina Zambrano (mentored by Dr. Malgorzata Pozor)


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