College employees honored for years of service

Employees of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine were recently honored for their years of service to UF and the college. Light refreshments were served during a Dean’s Brown Bag forum held April 18 in the Banfield Room at the UF Small Animal Hospital, with posters on easels displaying the names of recipients at each landmark level of service. Congrats to all of these hard-working employees!

Five Years:

  • Lynnette Chapparo
  • Katherine Frisch
  • Therron Worthington
  • Patricia Wlasuk
  • Jose Laffitte
  • Kai Bernstein
  • Heather Maness
  • Doris Burley
  • Barbara Dupont
  • Diana Downs
  • Andrea Shultz
  • Amy Beaver
  • Juanita Burch
  • Sarah Purcell
  • Christina Sproule
  • Lindsay Henley
  • Jennifer Cash
  • Beverly Orazco
  • Monica Gripp
  • Laura Neumann
  • Rebecca Richardson
  • Christine Firtgerald
  • Dieter Haager
  • Tiffany Roberts
  • Betty Pilcher
  • Ana Perez Cabral
  • Joe Bryant

10 Years:

  • Patricia Hanna
  • Jo Ann Winn
  • David Segura
  • Colleen West
  • Christie Hodge
  • Anita Anderson
  • Hubert Hodge

15 Years:

  • Danny Sanetz
  • Mabellin Castellanos
  • Lauren Curry
  • Kevin Kroll
  • Harold Sapp
  • Sheri Holloway
  • Hasuna Hines
  • Tina Conrad

20 Years:

  • Susie McKinney
  • Carolyn Whitford
  • Ruiyu Pu

25 Years:

  • Sally O’Connell
  • Kelly Kirkendall-Merritt
  • Jim Burrow
  • Victoria Dugan
  • John Munson
  • Katherine Rode
  • Elizabeth Pritchard
  • William Knisley

30 Years:

  • Candi Rollins
  • Melanie Pate
  • Linda Archer
  • Debby Sundstrom


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