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Battle is fierce for pets with cancer: This story appeared in the Gainesville Sun.

UF PETS clinic grand opening anniversary: An update on the first anniversary of the UF PETS after-hours emergency clinic grand opening appeared in the Gainesville Sun and Ocala Star-Banner. The story is here.

Manatee cardiology research: A story on UF researchers developing a new technique for testing heart disease in manatees, featuring the work of Dr. Trevor Gerlach, an aquatic animal health intern, collaborators from the UF cardiology service and other groups, appeared in Health Canal,, Science News,, the Tampa Bay Times, the Gainesville Sun, and Okeechobee News.

Chris P. Bacon, Pig on Wheels: A story about a pet pig born with a handicap who became an Internet sensation appeared in the Gainesville Sun after the animal visited UF’s Large Animal Hospital for surgery on June 10. View the Sun’s video here and the story here.

Florida panther receives surgery at UF: A story about a young Florida panther that received successful surgery to repair a fractured right hind leg appeared in the Gainesville Sun and numerous other media outlets, including Florida PantherNet and Fox30News, as well as on the main University of Florida website.

Club, community support help service dog get cancer treatment: This story was covered locally by GTN News.


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July 2013

Florida panther recuperating after leg surgery at UF

A young Florida panther is recuperating after successful surgery on June 7 at UF’s Small Animal Hospital.


RDVM Day draws big crowd

RDVM Day, held for first time at college, was a big success.

Drs. Michael Dark, Kendra Stauffer and Lisa Farina are shown prior to a necropsy lab they conducted as part of the foreign animal disease course.

Foreign animal disease awareness course held at college

Agricultural stakeholders from all over the state convene at UF CVM for foreign animal disease course.

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