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  • Dr. Rosanna Marsella’s paper, Skin Clues to Canine Endocrine Disease, was published in Clinician’s Brief. Marsella is a professor of dermatology in the department of small animal clinical sciences.
  • New Species of Tritrichomonas Parasite discovered as Disease Agent in Domestic Cats: This story, featuring the research of Dr. Heather Walden, appeared in Medical News Today, Topix,  WWSB Suncoast News (ABC), Health News Digest and other outlets this past month. Walden is a research assistant professor in the department of infectious diseases and pathology.
  • UF antivenin trial saves snake-bitten critters: This story about a new clinical trial underway at the UF CVM appeared in the Gainesville Sun  and the Ocala Star-Banner on July 26.



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