Food animal professor honored for distinguished teaching

Dr. Art Donovan

Dr. Art Donovan

Dr. Art Donovan,  a professor of large animal clinical sciences at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, is UF’s recipient of the Zoetis (formerly Pfizer) Animal Health Distinguished Teaching Award.

The award recognizes outstanding teachers who contribute significantly to the advancement of the veterinary medical education through ability, dedication, character and leadership. Winners of the Distinguished Teacher Award are then evaluated annually to select the National Award winner.

Donovan, whose specialty is food animal medicine, specifically dairy cattle, was selected by the college’s awards and scholarship committee. He will now be UF’s nominee for the national-level award.

“The committee had a number of very talented and accomplished instructors to consider for this prestigious award,” said Dr. Pamela Ginn, associate dean of students and instruction at the college. “Dr. Donovan has been a dedicated teacher and mentor for students, residents and graduate students at the UF veterinary college for 33 years. He has extensive responsibilities in delivering the didactic parts of our food animal medicine curriculum and also in the clinical application of this knowledge as one of our most active food animal medicine clinicians.”

Ginn noted that Donovan had one of the highest teaching loads of any college faculty member, and has devoted considerable time to arrange weekend activities designed to foster the knowledge of food animal medicine in UF veterinary students.

“His commitment to excellence in all of his endeavors is clear from his curriculum vitae and in the nomination letter from his department chairman, but most importantly in the letter the committee received from a student that felt so passionately about his mentorship, teaching and natural ability to serve as an outstanding lifetime role model for everyone in our academic community,” Ginn said.

Dr. Carlos Risco, Donovan’s department chairman, has been a colleague of Donovan’s for 22  years in the area of food animal medicine.

“Of his many positive qualities, Dr. Donovan’s willingness to assist colleagues beyond normal expectations to assure that our students receive a quality education is remarkable,” Risco said.

Donovan’s research interests include dairy herd health management and epidemiology.

He joined the UF veterinary medical college as a resident in 1980 and became a faculty member in 1982.


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