Complete survey and contribute to strategic plan process

Dean Lloyd addresses CVM staff on Oct.

Dean Lloyd speaks to staff about his plans to collect their input as the college moves forward with its strategic plan. (Photo by Sarah Carey)

What does the future hold for the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine? What are our core values, our strengths, our weaknesses, what do we need to aspire to and plan for to be considered a pre-eminent veterinary medical college?

With those questions in mind, Dean James W. Lloyd is preparing a strategic plan for the college, and he wants to hear from you. Starting Oct. 4, he began emailing survey questions to key groups within the college, including faculty, house officers, staff and students. There will be six questions, sent one at a time, for six consecutive weeks. An initial two-week response period will be available for email response within each  category of questions, at which time responses to date will be summarized for presentation and discussion at a series of weekly open-forum discussions.

When all of the responses have been received, the dean will share the responses with Dean’s Council members and will enlist the help of a consultant to analyze and interpret the data. The results of the survey will be included as part of a comprehensive plan that Lloyd intends to have by the end of the calendar year.

“I strongly encourage everyone to take the time to respond to this survey,” Lloyd said. “Each email everyone receives will contain a link that will then direct them to the survey and allow them to provide an open-ended response.”

If anyone forgets to respond to a question one week and wants to review the questions to answer one they missed, they will be able to access all of the questions on the college’s Sharepoint intranet site.


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