Staff member receives campuswide award

Danielle Jonas

Danielle Jonas

Danielle Jonas, a veterinary care manager for the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital, has received one of UF’s campuswide Superior Accomplishment Awards in the Administrative/Supervisory category.

Jonas was one of several division-level recipients who were honored in March and  received cash awards of $200 each. All of those winners were then eligible for consideration at the university-wide level. Jonas received one of the eight $1,000 awards given.

Human resources director Danny Sanetz, excerpting from her nomination packet, noted that Jonas manages the services of small animal surgery, neurology, ophthalmology, cardiology and integrative medicine, making use of “remarkable organizational skills, a positive outlook and strong work ethic.”

“Danielle pioneered a successful volunteer program, despite the concern that quality volunteers would be hard to find and costly to immunize and train,” Sanetz said. “Without fail, Danielle pushed forward understanding the benefit volunteer staff would provide to the overall operation of the Small Animal Hospital. Her creativity and unique ability to take what started as an idea and bring to fruition a team of 50-plus well trained and productive volunteers, Danielle has afforded technicians and clinicians greater time to delve deeper into their studies and perfect their craft.”

Jonas also oversees the veterinary technician continuing education program, which she helped overhaul.

“Mentoring her staff and encouraging them to form a close-knit team, through morale boosting activities such as kayaking and swimming with the manatees, Danielle exemplifies a true leader,” Sanetz said. “Co-workers describe her as being the voice of wisdom, reason and reliability.”

The Superior Accomplishment Award program at UF recognizes staff members who contribute outstanding and meritorious service, efficiency and/or economy, or to the quality of life provided to students and employees.




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Danielle Jonas

Staff member receives campuswide award

Danielle Jonas, a veterinary care manager at UF, has received a campuswide Superior Accomplishment Award.

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