Alpha Psi fraternity helps family build home

Alpha Psi student working

Alpha Psi student working on a Habitat for Humanity home for the Profit family of Gainesville. (Photo courtesy of Alpha Psi fraternity)

During final exams in May, the members of Alpha Psi Veterinary Fraternity volunteered with Habitat for Humanity to work on the house that the Profit family will soon call home.

“During our day, we found out that Mr. Profit actually helped with the renovations to the vet school,” said Brittany Wittenberns, a member of the Class of 2015 and president of Alpha Psi. “How is that for a small world?”

Participating in the work day were Alpha Psi members and their friends, Wittenberns said.

“It was pretty much anyone who had the time to go, since it was during finals,” she said, adding that the fraternity chose to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity because its members wanted to give back to the community in a way that hadn’t been available at the college before.

“As veterinary students, we spend our entire lives giving back to the animals of the community, but we don’t have much connection with the people of the community,” she said. “Habitat allows you to work with the family who will be living in the house that you are working on, and as you can imagine, seeing their gratitude makes the hard work worthwhile,” Wittenberns said.

And, she added, “We get to use some power tools.”

The group met the contractor/project leader, a man named Joseph, who gave them tasks that included finishing the frames for inspection, sanding the outside of the house to be painted, leveling the backyard and spreading grass seeds.

“Joseph said that if they passed frame inspection, it would be because of our hard work,” Wittenberns said.

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