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2014 UF Merial Scholars at Cornell.

UF’s 2014 Merial Scholars are shown at the annual Merial-NIH Veterinary Scholars Symposium, held July 31-Aug. 3 at Cornell University.  Student mentors are listed in parentheses. From left to right, front row: Alec Sherman (Dr. Dan Lewis), Maria Brandifino (Dr. Julie Levy), Claire Page (Dr. Jeff Abbott), Jordyn Sthay (Dr. Jim Wellehan), Jere Stern (Dr. Heather Walden), Kathleen Maxwell (Dr. Dennis Brooks), Susan Westerterp (University of Utrecht, Dr. Chris Sanchez.)
In second row are Geof Zann (Dr. Stanley Kim), Jared Baum (Dr. Sarah Boston), Chris Alling (Dr. Owen Rae), Laura Adkins (U Georgia, Dr. Cynda Crawford), Hannah Ferrall (Dr. Rowan Milner), Ashton Story (Dr. Rowan Milner), Kelly Nutt (Dr. Julie Levy), Megan Stobel (Dr. Mike Walsh), Robert Pringle (Dr.Sergio Tevosian), Dale Kelley (Dr. Klibs Galvao). Missing are Lauren Brown (Dr.Tom Waltzek) and Valentina Henao (Dr. Rick Johnson). (Photo courtesy of Dr. Linda Hayward)

Flag at half-staff on 9/11/2014

The flag hangs at half-staff on Sept. 11, in honor of those who lost their lives on that date in 2001. (Photo by Sarah Carey)

Presents for "littles"

Gifts for “little” freshman veterinary students from their “big” sophomore friends lined a wall in the Office of Students and Instruction on Sept. 3. The tradition is a welcoming gesture made each year to the incoming veterinary students. (Photo by Sarah Carey)

Two graduate students 2014

The college’s graduate students were treated to a free luncheon “meet and greet” as part of orientation for the coming academic year. Shown are Tao Yang and Minghao Gong, an incoming student. (Photo by Sarah Carey)

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September 2014

Disaster Drill 2014

VETS group conducts trailer-accident disaster training with area groups

The college’s Veterinary Emergency Treatment Services team joined other area groups in a trailer accident training exercise on Aug. 23.

Students build, donate dog houses to animal rescue groups

UF CVM students built dog houses to benefit local rescue groups, with help from Nestle Purina.

Family Day at the Dairy Farm in 2013

Family Day at the Dairy Farm is Oct. 25

Members of the college’s FARMS service will assist with IFAS’ annual Family Day at the Dairy Farm on Oct. 25.

Aristide Kamal

New graduate student, Fulbright scholar to study manatee health

Aristide Kamla is an incoming Ph.D. student and Fulbright scholar from Cameroon who is studying manatee health.

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