Faculty member’s article on pain control in horses selected for online library

Dr. Sanchez and foal

Dr. Chris Sanchez is shown with horses owned by UF in this file photo.

The Equine Veterinary Journal recently published a collection of six scientific reviews, one of which was co-authored by a University of Florida faculty member.

Commissioned in collaboration with the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation for a new online library, the papers covered a carefully considered mix of topics reflecting the foundation’s priority areas for research funding, according to a Jan. 7 press release.

Dr. Chris Sanchez, an associate professor of large animal medicine at the UF College of Veterinary Medicine, and Dr. Sheilah Robertson, a former UF veterinary college faculty member who now works at Michigan State University, co-authored the article titled “Pain Control in Horses: What Do We Really Know?”

“Lameness and colic are painful conditions of the musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal systems, respectively, and have a huge impact on the welfare of horses worldwide. Many of the drugs available for use in horses have potential adverse effects. Our manuscript reviews currently available options for the treatment of acute and chronic pain in adult horses and foals,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez and Robertson have received funding for their work on equine pain management from the foundation, including a study evaluating how various drug combinations used to control severe pain in horses can affect gastrointestinal motility. This work was recently presented at the Eleventh International Equine Colic Research Symposium and published in BMC Veterinary Research.

The foundation is an American, non-profit charitable organization and one of the leading sources of funding of equine research in the world.

Sanchez’ article, along with the others commissioned, are available for reading free of charge here.

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Dr. Sanchez and foal

Faculty member’s article on pain control in horses selected for online library

A UF faculty member co-authored a scientific review recently published by the Equine Veterinary Journal.

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