Research achievements noted at Phi Zeta Symposium

An evening poster session, a first-ever graduate student “Best in Show” competition and the traditional key faculty and graduate student research award presentation all were part of this year’s Phi Zeta Research Symposium, held March 26-27 at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

This annual event allows the college to showcase its very best research and most promising young scholars as well as to highlight faculty career achievement.

“While we recognize the excellent work for which these individuals are being noted, we must also recognize that research is carried out by a team of co-workers,” said Dr. Ammon Peck, associate dean for research and graduate studies, in a collegewide e-mail noting all of the winners. “For all those who participate in research projects being carried out in the college, whether recognized this year or not, you should also take great pride in your efforts that are making the college’s research programs such a success. So, thank you, and take pride in a job well done.”


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