College honors employees at service pin ceremony

Employees of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and the UF Veterinary Hospitals were acknowledged with pins, flowers and Gator goodie bags on May 21 at a ceremony marking 5-year incremental landmarks of service.

Those honored included two employees with 35 years, two with 30 years, four with 25 years, one with 20 years, seven with 15 years, nine with 10 years and 11 with five years of service from college administration, four academic departments and the UF Veterinary Hospitals.

Recipients are listed below, with the numbers noted to the side of employee names corresponding to years worked at UF.

CVM Administration
Tresa Douglass-5
Alison Kwiatowski-5
Nicole Hudson-5
Brenda Isaac-15
Karen Legato-15
Alice Bliss-Dodd-25
Mary Ring Miller-25

Infectious Diseases and Pathology
Dinalynn Michaels-10
Honore Busch-15
Debra Couch-35

Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Susanne Benson-10
Gary Geiger-20
Judy Chastain-25
Jay Gilbreath-30
Brett Rice-30
Kathleen McCartin-35

Physiological Sciences
Jillian Condrey-5
Kacy Magee-5
Wendi Malphurs-5
Sarah Keith-10
Mike Sapper-10

Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Karen Scott-20

Lavern Turner-10
Melissa Bass-15

UFVH-Large Animal Hospital
Cheryl Callowitz-5
Gino Mattucci-5
Jennifer Sager-10
Susan Starke-15
Theresa Torres-20

UFVH-Small Animal Hospital
Matthew Bolin-5
Bryon Gindlesperger-5
Kevin Miller-5
Amanda LaMar-10
Mary Wilson-10
Brandy Smith-15
Lashand Williams-15
Danielle Mauragis-25

Special Service Recognition
Sarah Carey-25 years of publishing Florida Veterinarian Magazine

To view photos of our award winners on Facebook, visit our album here.

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