Student to speak at equine association meeting


Benjamin Davids, a fourth-year UF veterinary medical student, will present his work during the AAEP’s annual conference in December.

Fourth-year University of Florida veterinary medical student Benjamin Davids will join a handful of UF faculty members, an alumna and a former resident in presenting research at the American Association of Equine Practitioners meeting, set to take place in Orlando Dec. 4-6.

Davids will speak about research he conducted and published in the journal Veterinary Surgery last year. That work relates to the efficacy of mechanical versus nonmechanical sterile preoperative skin preparation with chlorhexidine gluconate 4 percent solution, a topical antibiotic used as a skin cleanser.

“The purpose of this study was to help veterinary surgeons work more efficiently and reduce the cost of performing a common procedure,” Davids said. “Before any surgery or injection, the surgical site has to be thoroughly washed to be free from potentially contaminating bacteria. Using chlorhexidine, a surgical soap, we found that simply lathering the surgical area and leaving it on for five minutes was as effective as scrubbing the area for the same time period.”

Davids said the efficiency of this simplified procedure would free up the veterinarian or technician’s time and reduce the supplies needed, thereby reducing costs by up to 68 percent.

“Hopefully the results of this research will make a positive impact on the veterinary profession,” Davids said.

In addition to his research abstract, a case study Davids submitted to the AAEP’s educational programs committee received a convention stipend award. The award provides complimentary registration and $500 in travel costs. His case study will be posted on the association’s website for continuing education purposes.

“It’s highly unusual for a student’s abstract to be selected, as the abstract competition is really tight,” said Dr. Chris Sanchez, an associate professor of large animal medicine at UF, who also will be at the conference to host a discussion on foal care in the field. “To have an abstract selected for this meeting and to be a case study award winner is impressive.”

Also participating in the convention will be Dr. Rob MacKay, a professor of equine medicine, who will be featured on the Kester News Hour; Dr. KT Steward, a 2016 graduate of the UFCVM, who will present an analysis of acupuncture profitability as applied in equine private practice; and Dr. Katie Ellis, a former UF large animal medicine resident, who will present her research on radiation exposure to personnel obtaining equine appendicular radiographs using a handheld generator.

Dr. David Freeman, the Appleton Endowed Professor in Equine Surgery at the college, is moderating the session on equine sinus and dental diseases at the AAEP.

Dr. Rachel Touroo, a veterinarian with UF’s veterinary forensics sciences program, will present a discussion on reasons for rescue failure, where to go for resources and team members, triage of horses and evidence documentation.

Playing a key role in AAEP leadership is Dr. Margo Macpherson, a professor of equine reproduction at the college. Macpherson is presently serving as the organization’s vice president and will be installed as president-elect just prior to the upcoming convention.

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Student to speak at equine association meeting

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