College launches new video at 40th Anniversary celebrations

The college’s 40th Anniversary celebrations drew to a close with a grand-finale celebration on Dec. 3 for faculty, former faculty, alumni, donors and special guests, followed by a brunch the next morning for UFCVM students. Photos from both events are available in albums listed in the photos section on the college Facebook page. One of the highlights of both events was the unveiling of a new anthem video that the college will be making use of as a tool to better tell its story to a variety of different groups in the coming months. Produced with assistance from the Frankel Media Group and Diamond View Productions, the video is the capstone of a marketing campaign the college initiated earlier this year. View the video below.

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November-December 2016

College launches new video at 40th Anniversary celebrations

The college launched a new video at 40th Anniversary celebrations on Dec. 3-4.

Don Bolser

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