New graduate degree recipients take diplomas

Jill Confrey and Dr. Davenport

Dr. Paul Davenport stands with his mentee, Jill Confrey, after she received her Ph.D. on Dec. 17.

Several UF College of Veterinary Medicine graduate students received their diplomas during campuswide commencement exercises for the completed fall semester, held Dec. 17 at the O’Connell Center.

Jill Condrey, whose mentor was Dr. Paul Davenport, was the one student from the college to receive a Ph.D. this term.

From the college’s online Master of Science programs, several students received degrees in the following disciplines:

Forensic Toxicology:

  • Steven May
  • Anthony Toufic Nehme
  • Alyssa Nicole Page
  • Alesia Marie Smith
  • Bridget Verdino
  • Charis Wynn

Nina Stively and Dikaia-Loukia Agapis (Tomazos) are shown following commencement ceremonies at the UF O’Connell Center on Dec. 17. Both received their Master of Science degrees with a focus on shelter medicine.

Shelter Medicine:

  • Dikaia-Loukia Agapis (Tomazos)
  • Nina Stively
  • Lauren Townsley

Veterinary Forensic Science:

  • Janice Lauren Allerton Baker
  • Christian Broadhurst
  • Jami George
  • Sara K. Harrison
  • Ivy Kathryn Levan
  • Becca Levin
  • Sharon Lynn Ostermann
  • Lisa Michelle Smith
  • Mindy Tenenbaum


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