College featured in new SEC commercial

Dr. Kyle Donnelly, Dr. Darryl Heard and UFCVM student Madison Douglas-Seay are shown with a Galapagos tortoise during a commercial shot for the Southeastern Conference. (Video screenshot)

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine was selected as one of two UF colleges to be featured in a commercial that promotes universities that are members of the Southeastern Conference.

The commercial aired for the first time in September at UF’s first home game and will be shown at athletic games between SEC schools during the coming year. The college’s brief spot is at the 15-16 second interval in the commercial. You can view the entire commercial at the bottom of this post.

Logistics for the commercial’s creation involved identifying willing participants from the college,  helping to procure an appropriate animal to appear in the shoot as specifically requested by the SEC production team, procurement of space for filming and hours of planning and production.

Dr. Darryl Heard, an associate professor with the zoological medicine service, and Kyle Donnelly, a zoological medicine resident, along with third-year UF veterinary medical student Madison Douglas-Seay, all agreed to participate, taking time away from their busy schedules to do so.

When the SEC team approved the idea of a Galapagos tortoise, Heard and the zoological medicine team worked with their collaborators at the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo to arrange for a tortoise named Arthur to visit the college for her moment of fame.






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