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VMX 2018 booth

UFCVM represents! A group from the college and the UF Veterinary Hospitals is shown at the exhibit hall during the recent VMX-NAVC annual meeting. They were on hand to promote recruitment of hospital nursing staff as well as various educational program offerings. From left to right are: Alison Kennedy-Benson, Brittany Caldwell, Phillip Buchyn and Maya Hester. Caldwell and Katelyn Jerles managed the booth. (Photo courtesy of Brittany Caldwell)

Dr. Juan Samper with Ross students during orientation.

Dr. Juan Samper, center, stands with a group of Ross University veterinary medical students who arrived at the college on Jan. 8 for orientation, along with other offshore students from St. Georges School of Veterinary Medicine. The students he’s pictured with were among the last group of students Samper worked with at Ross prior to joining the college as its new associate dean for academic and student affairs. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Juan Samper)


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January-February 2018

Dr. Julie Moore

College names new IDI department chair

Dr. Julie Moore, a malaria expert, will join the college as the new chair of infectious diseases and immunology.

SuperiorAccomplishmentAwardWinners 2018

2018 Superior Accomplishment Award winners named

The college’s 2018 Superior Accomplishment Award winners have been named.

Dr. Mary Brown and Marissa Valentine-King.

UF study: Rare genetic mutation causes resistance to antibiotic used to treat UTIs

This study, authored by Dr. Mary Brown and others, was also the first to evaluate antibiotic resistance levels in 180 college-aged women with their first UTIs.

Katie Boudreau

College names new senior director of advancement and alumni affairs

Katie Boudreau, who joined the UFCVM’s advancement team in 2015, has been promoted to senior director.

Dr. Liang Zhou

UF scientist studies unique receptor’s relationship to immune system disease

Dr. Liang Zhou studies immune system disease at the cellular level, with particular interest in a receptor that is best known for its role in detecting environmental contaminants inside the body.

ECT treatment of sea turtles

UF veterinarians perform electrochemotherapy on sea turtles

UF veterinarians recently performed the first electrochemotherapy on sea turtles in the United States, with promising results.

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