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Student candidates, 209.

The last weekend in January concluded interviews for the UFCVM Class of ’23! This year, UFCVM’s admissions committee interviewed 315 students from all over the country. For the first time this year, the college hosted a meet-and-greet for students and their parents at the culmination of each set of interviews. We got great feedback and had a wonderful time welcoming all of these students and their families to UF. Shown here in this photo are candidates Liza Godfrey and Alexis Brocious. Best of luck to all of our applicants! (Photo courtesy of Dr. Juan Samper)

Dave Heine with neuro team

From left to right are Dr. Audrey Collinet, Dave Heine and Dr. Sheila Carrera-Justiz, pictured Dec. 13. A grateful client of UF’s Small Animal Hospital, Heine has established the Sasha Heine Neurology Support Fund in memory of his Boston terrier, Sasha Marie. He was inspired to make this gift because of the care Sasha received from Collinet, a small animal neurology resident. Resident-support funds at the college aid the scholarly activities and training of CVM residents. This recent gift is the sixth Heine has established at UF. (Photo by Sarah Carey)

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January-February 2019

An endangered okapi calf, born on Dec. 4 at White Oak Conservation Foundation, enjoys the sunshine in its habitat on Jan. 19. The calf is recuperating well from a procedure performed Dec. 15 to remove an abnormal tissue growth from its eye. (Photos courtesy of White Oak Conservation Foundation)

UF veterinarian saves eye of endangered okapi

In a groundbreaking procedure, a UF veterinary ophthalmologist performed a keratectomy on an endangered okapi calf, likely saving its eye.

Rachel Grabar

2019 Dean’s Circle of Excellence Scholarship winner named

The Dean’s Circle of Excellence, a select group of college supporters, awards a scholarship each year to an exceptional third-year student.

Dr. Mansour Mohamadzadeh

Helpful bacterium shown to fortify newborns’ immune system in animal model

A UFCVM researcher has shown that a helpful bacterium fortifies the immune system of newborns to fight infections in mouse models.

From left to right are the colleges newly minted PhDs: Dr. Luiz Bolfer, Dr. Dhani Prakoso, Dr. Nelmarie Landrau Giovannetti, Dr. David Dreier and Dr. Andy Nelson. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Amara Estrada)

Graduate students receive degrees at UF ceremony

Congratulations to all of the college’s newest graduate degree recipients.

Dr. Chris Adin

Meet Dr. Chris Adin: New small animal clinical sciences chair

Dr. Chris Adin reflects on his return to UF in his new role as chair of small animal clinical sciences.

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