Student scholars complete research projects through summer program

Veterinary student scholars

UFCVM participants in the Florida Veterinary Scholar program included the following students. First row, Amanda Kordenbrock, Sarah Allred, Samantha Johnson, Marlynna Triggs, Chani Rue, Jennifer Lane, Gina Hinton; second row, Sarah Timko, Freya Cooper, Sofia Danford, Melonie Zuercher, Julia Engelien, Sara Stiehler, Anne LaSpina, Eric Los Kamp; third row, Joseph Fragale, Tyler Begg, Devon Mims, Noah Plotsker, Kellie Hays, Meghan Watt, Heather Lockhart, Kylee Merrill, Wilmer Lopez.

Twenty-seven UF veterinary students,  a record number, completed research projects over the summer as participants in the Florida Veterinary Scholars Program.

The program, sponsored by Boehringer Ingleheim, is an opportunity for veterinary students to engage in hypothesis-driven research over a 10-12 week period. This year’s program took place between May 20 and July 26. For UF students, this happens between the first and second years of the D.V.M. professional program.

Students apply for the program, which includes a stipend, and if approved, are able to conduct specific research investigations in an area of interest to them, working with college faculty members as mentors. Through the program, students gain greater exposure to aspects of veterinary medicine other than clinical practice. It’s also a unique way to get to know faculty members outside of the classroom.

Students conducted investigations in the clinical sciences research laboratory, as well as in the areas of aquatic animal health and anatomic pathology, oncology, shelter medicine, cardiology and veterinary community outreach.

Dr. Stan Kim, who serves as program director, said he was pleased with the program’s continued success.

“It’s an integral part of our mission to provide veterinary students with opportunities in research,” he said.



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Veterinary student scholars

Student scholars complete research projects through summer program

Several UFCVM students participated in another successful year of the Florida Veterinary Scholar Program, honing research skills in several different areas.

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