Visual Guides of Animal Reproduction expands to include cetaceans

DolphinThe Visual Guides of Animal Reproduction, or VisGAR, is a unique database containing carefully curated reproductive images and descriptions from a number of important animals. VisGAR began from images compiled by Dr. Maarten Drost, a professor emeritus at UFCVM, during his time as a theriogenologist and represents a useful tool to veterinarians, researchers and veterinary students by providing real-world examples of normal reproductive tissues as well as different reproductive pathologies.

Through important collaborations with Drs. Dara Orbach (Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi), Iske Larkin and Jonathan Cowart (University of Florida), VisGAR has grown to include a novel cetacean guide, which includes unique images of multiple whale, dolphin, and porpoise species. For more information about VisGAR or to submit additional images to the database, please contact Drost, program director, or Dr. Patrick Larkin, technical director, at

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March-April 2021

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