Dr. Zakia Goodwin

Dr. Zakia Goodwin received her Ph.D. degree during commencement exercises held at UF on Aug. 6.

Graduates receive M.S., Ph.D. degrees

Twenty-five UF College of Veterinary Medicine graduate students received M.S. or Ph.D. degrees during commencement exercises held Aug. 6 at UF’s Stephen C. O’Connell Center.  Among those receiving degrees were:

Ph.D. degree:

  • Jeffrey Gruntmeir (mentored by Dr. Heather Walden)
  • Zakia Goodwin (mentored by Dr. David Pascual)
  • Maite De Maria Mulet (mentored by Dr. Nancy Denslow and Dr. Michael Walsh)
  • Nnanyelugo Odezulu (Gerald) (mentored by Dr. Steven Roberts)
  • Samantha Koda (mentored by Dr. Thomas Waltzek)

Master of Science degree (thesis-based):

  • Brittany Diehl (mentored by Dr. Owen Rae)
  • Heather Roe (mentored by Dr. Tarralyn McCarrel)
  • Elizabeth Brammer-Robbins (mentored by Dr. Christopher Martyniuk and Dr. Iske Larkin)
  • Michelle Martin De Bustamante (mentored by Dr. Caryn Plummer)
  • Tatiana Weisbrod (mentored by Dr. Nicole Stacy)

Master of Science degree (non-thesis, distance education):

Shelter Medicine
(Program coordinator, Dr. Terry Spencer)

  • Kaila Morgan Bess
  • Me’Nisha T. Jones
  • Gillian Rose Velarde
  • Antonia White

Veterinary Forensic Sciences
(Program coordinator, Dr. Terry Spencer)

  • Adrienne Jenae Kelley
  • Erin Lafon
  • Kayla Marie Majors
  • Keli Marie Ream
  • Cassie Evaline Scott
  • Isabella Grace Soldati
  • Susan Elizabeth Wanner

Forensic Toxicology
(Program coordinator, Dr. Donna Wielbo)

  • Casey Anderson
  • Alexandra Shaver
  • Sarah Tucker
  • Megan White Younts




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