Graduates receive M.S., Ph.D. degrees

Thirty-five UF College of Veterinary Medicine graduate students received M.S. or Ph.D. degrees during commencement exercises held Dec. 16 at UF’s Stephen C. O’Connell Center.  Among those receiving degrees were:

Ph.D. degree:

  • Caio Figueiredo (mentored by Dr. Rafael Bisinotto)
  • Christopher Souders (mentored by Dr. Chris Martyniuk)
  • Michael (Eric) McCown (mentored by Dr. Maureen Long)

Master of Science degree (thesis-based):

  • Tomas Gonzalez (mentored by Dr. Rafael Bisinotto)
  • Logan Scheuermann (mentored by Dr. Dan Lewis)
  • Jacqueline Murphy (mentored by Dr. Sandra Bechtel)

Master of Science degree (non-thesis, distance education):

Shelter Medicine
(Program coordinator, Dr. Terry Spencer)

  • Ashleigh Rankin
  • Gianna Montano
  • Audra Farrell
  • Kristie Ashcraft
  • Soojoung Kim
  • Skyler Miller
  • Geoffrey Ball
  • Ann Horowitz
  • Frederick Rainey
  • Lillian Auliff
  • Sarah Green
  • Lauren Snyder

Veterinary Forensic Sciences
(Program coordinator, Dr. Jason Byrd)

  • April Doherty
  • Kimberly Causey
  • Gerrhett Jensen
  • Haley Boggs
  • Melissa Juby
  • Lorie Chan
  • Cyler Dalgord
  • Alyssa Palm
  • Holly Kessler
  • Carly Black
  • Alexandria Pahides
  • Cassandra Powers
  • Lindsey Granko
  • Shane Bateman

Forensic Toxicology
(Program coordinator, Dr. Nancy Toffolo)

  • Weiming Xu
  • Julia Diaz
  • Elizabeth Hernandez
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January-February 2023

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