New lifetime study focuses on
relationship between mutations
and heart disease in Dobermans

Dr. Amara Estrada and Dr. Christy Pacak with a Doberman pinscher in UF's Small Animal Hospital.

Dr. Amara Estrada of the UF College of Veterinary Medicine and Dr. Christy Pacak of the UF College of Medicine have worked together in studies focusing on the role of genetic mutations in Doberman pinschers as it relates to the development of a fatal heart disease. (File photo)

November-December 2018

Practice Ownership Summit group gathered at table.

College’s inaugural ownership summit deemed a huge success

The event focused on the financial and other benefits of practice ownership for veterinary medical students.

Estrada with Doberman

UF faculty member plays key role in new study of heart disease in Dobermans

Researchers hope a new study will provide insights into the role of specific genetic mutations in the development of a heart disease that disproportionately affects Doberman pinschers.

Dr. Apachai Tuanyok

Researcher aims to eliminate glanders disease through new vaccine

A UF researchers hopes to develop a vaccine that will neutralize a disease that has threatened livestock and humans for millennia.

Screen shot from comparative medicine video

College initiates new regional consortium to enhance teaching expertise

A new regional consortium will aim to enhance the sharing of ideas for how to improve teaching in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Chris Sanchez and Cocoa

Faculty member’s article among “Top 10” downloaded in equine journal

The article, which deals with pain management in horses, has made a journal’s Top 10 downloads list for three years in a row.