Chili cook-off: hot, hot, hot



Hungry people line up at tables filled with crockpots and desserts during the 2013 SCAVMA chili cook-off. (Photo courtesy of K.C. Croy)

From meat to vegan, served up spicy hot, mild or in between, the SCAVMA chili cook-off had something for everyone on April 11. Tables lined with crock-pots drew hungry crowds after 6 p.m. that day, and if that wasn’t enough to whet tasters’ appetites, a wide assortment of desserts kept people coming back for more.

K.C. Croy, who coordinated the event, said the cook-off raised approximately $300 for the club. There were 24 chilis, 12 sides and 21 desserts prepared.

Competitors earned a SCAVMA point for entering a dish and were in the running for the Golden Spatula, the Golden Ladle and the Golden Cake awards.

“I want to thank Courtney Payne for taking infinitely more of set-up then she thought she was going to do, and Ben Brunson and Katie Stoop for helping sell tickets and staying to clean up,” Croy said. “I also want to thank our judges for their time and hard work.”

Judges were Andy Kellenberger, Jonathan Orsini, Jeremy Delcambre,  Erica Balzano and Dana Connell.

And the winners were:


1st place: Cameron Brooks and Bryce Mercuri

2nd place tie: Kaitlynn Earnshaw & Kate Spahn

3rd place tie: Morgan Faerber and Nicole CorningCarnivores Delight- Cameron Brooks and Bryce Mercuri

Veggie’s Choice: Catherine Bianchi

Spiciest Chili: Liz Fitzpatrick

Judge’s Choice “Most Invigorating”: Stephanie Walborn


1st: Lauren DiMartino- Bacon, Blue Cheese potato salad

2nd: Jamie Nenezian- Spinach Dip with Chips

3rd: Chelsea Hawkins- Maple Terryiaki

Mallory Offner- Ramen Noodle Slaw

Peas and Carrots Award:Mallory Offner– Ramen Slaw

Dinner Ruiner: Chelsea Hawkins- Maple Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Judges Choice: Lauren DiMartino- Bacon, Blue, Cheese potato salad


1st: Maggie Derakshan- Oreo Brownies

2nd: Lisa Farina- Chocolate Mousse

3rd Tie: Camila Veira- Mini Key Lime Pies

Amanda Diston- Better than Robert Redford Cake

Best Dressed: Camilla Viera

Most Likely to induce Diabetic Coma: Maggie Derakshan- Oreo Brownies

Master Culinary Level Creation: April Larson- Lemon Strawberry Cupcakes


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