Graduate students honored
for academic excellence

International graduate students in 2011

Shown at the campuswide International Student Awards ceremony on Nov. 17th are, from left to right, Dr. Paul Davenport; Poonam Jaiswal, of India; Nanny Wenzlow, of Belgium; Claudio Verdugo, of Chile; Astrid Grosche, of Germany; Junjie (Jet) Liu, of China; and Dr. Maureen Long.

Five international students who are pursuing their Ph.D. degrees from the UF College of Veterinary Medicine were honored for academic excellence during the annual campuswide International Student Awards Ceremony, held Nov. 17 in the Smathers Library.

Honored were graduate students Junjie (Jet) Liu, Nanny Wenzlow and Claudio Verdugo, all studying under the supervision of Dr. Maureen Long; Astrid Grosche, studying under the supervision of Dr. David Freeman; and Poonam Jaiswal, studying under the supervision of Dr. Paul Davenport.

The International Student Awards Ceremony was initiated to highlight the accomplishments of international students at the University of Florida. The awards are designed to recognize students who not only meet exemplary academic achievement, but also a wide range of accomplishments and contributions.

One of the highest priority goals for UF is to expand its international outlook and impact in education, research and service.  UF’s leadership has placed a special emphasis on internationalization because it is a direct outgrowth of UF’s mission and reflects the importance of globalization in the world today.

Our international students are a key element as we pursue these goals.  While international students adjust to a different language, educational system and cultural environment, they also share with the UF community their language, educational system and culture.

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