Strategic Plan Update

By Sarah Carey

Veterinary student ambassadors pose for a photo during Homecoming 2014.

Veterinary student ambassadors pose for a photo during the college’s traditional Homecoming BBQ event on Oct. 18.

Summer has come and gone, and implementation of the college’s Strategic Plan is in full swing. Since our last update in June, progress has been made in a number of strategic priorities that cut across the three dimensions of our mission: research, clinical service and education. As we have said before, our overarching goal is to be preeminent in each of these areas.

The growth we are experiencing is synergistic in that developments in each area are built upon a foundation of our core values: excellence, trust, accountability, innovation, teamwork, integrity and diversity.

For a refresher on where we are to this point, please see our last update in the June Veterinary Page.

All of our previous strategic planning updates are listed on our college website here.

“Our associate deans, Dr. Pam Ginn, Dr. Ammon Peck and Dr. Tom Vickroy, along with UF Veterinary Hospitals chief of staff Dr. Dana Zimmel, all are working on different aspects of our strategic plan,” said Dr. Jim Lloyd, the college’s dean. “The time they have spent and are spending on this initiative is extremely valuable and the priorities they have helped us identify are our guiding stars.”

Here are some examples of specific progress being made across these areas, (which in some cases, overlap.)

Core culture –Building Collegiality and Communication

State of the college addresses:
Dean Lloyd will be scheduling several forums this fall to provide a more complete update on the state of the college. He will lead these sessions with a short presentation, but the sessions will be designed to encourage open discussion and will be scheduled to maximize participation by faculty, staff and students.
Internal communication venues to be explored:
Later this fall, the college will be initiating an active dialogue on the most effective methods of communication within our community. The goal will be to discuss both in-person and virtual ways in which we as a community can better understand one another and share views on a variety of topics in a safe and respectful way.

Promotion and tenure guidelines:

The promotion and tenure committee reviewed a document that was generated by the college’s administration on guidelines for faculty members seeking promotion and/or tenure. This process was necessary, because in recent years a variety of faculty members with diverse responsibilities have joined the college. A single document that provides guidance to all faculty members was necessary. After recommendations for revision from the promotion and tenure committee, the document was then reviewed by faculty council and presented at a recent faculty assembly for comment by the faculty as a whole.

Leadership development

Several of UF veterinary college employees have been involved in national or UF-sponsored programs aimed at enhancing leadership skills.
• Veterinary Leadership Experience 2014:
Offered by the Veterinary Leadership Institute, the Veterinary Leadership Experience equips veterinary professionals with the tools, knowledge and experience necessary to become emotionally intelligent servant-leaders for the profession, according to the VLI website. This past June, Dr. Julia Conway, a clinical assistant professor of anatomical pathology, and second-year students Claire Page and Benjamin Davids were VLE participants.
AAVMC Leadership Academy 2014:
The American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges hosts a leadership academy aimed at providing leadership development for emerging leaders in academia and to provide a forum for building lasting ties between faculty members at veterinary schools and departments around the world. This year’s participants from the college are Dr. Donald Bolser, a professor of physiological sciences, and Dr. Julia Conway, a clinical assistant professor of anatomical pathology.
Bayer Animal Health Communications Project 2014:
Dr. Travis Lanaux, a clinical assistant professor of emergency and critical care, and Dr. Sarah Boston, an associate professor of oncology, participated in the Bayer Communications Course, held in Connecticut in July. This program, offered through the Institute for Healthcare Communication, addressed gaps in communication skills training within schools of veterinary medicine and in the practice community.
UF Academy 2014:
This nine-month program is designed to prepare emerging leaders for higher-level responsibilities at the University of Florida and offers training and leadership tools. Daniel Sanetz, coordinator of administrative services (human resources), is this year’s participant from the college.
• Zoetis Frank Communications Workshop:
Dr. Terry Spencer, a clinical assistant professor of shelter medicine and director of distance learning for the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine program, participated in this workshop at Colorado State University in June.
Student Leadership Training: Dr. Pamela E. Ginn, associate dean for students and instruction, in conjunction with the UF Interdisciplinary Education Committee, surveyed select students from the UF Health Science Center this past fall to assess student leadership training needs and will organize and host the first UF HSC student leadership training event on Jan. 10, 2015.
UF Advanced Leadership for Academics and Professionals 2014:
Designed in cooperation with UF’s Office of the Provost, Faculty Senate, and Human Resource Services, this leadership program is for UF academics and professionals interested in focusing on more formal ways to contribute in leadership positions at UF as well as those who wish to further explore and develop their leadership skills. Dr. Carlos Risco, a professor of large animal clinical sciences and LACS department chair, participated from the college this year.

Enhancing diversity and inclusion

The college will initiate a broad-based discussion on these topics later this fall. Our goals will be to:
• Develop a shared understanding of diversity and inclusion and why they are vital to our success.
• Create an awareness of our college’s strengths with regard to diversity and inclusion, along with our opportunities for improvement.
• Where opportunities for improvement are identified, engage in both prioritization and action planning for bridging these gaps.
• The Admissions Committee participated in an Admissions Committee Training Program focused on the Holistic Admissions process and best practices conducted by the American Dental Education Association. The workshop led to a recognition of the need for an admissions committee mission statement and a review of current practices. This was the first interdisciplinary workshop held between a veterinary school and another profession. The information from this workshop will be presented at the American American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges next March.
• Dr. Lisa Farina and senior veterinary student Florence Whitehill attended the Southeastern Diversity Matters meeting this past spring.

Administrative structure

• Dr. Tom Vickroy was hired to replace Dr. John Harvey as executive associate dean following Dr. Harvey’s retirement in August. In his new role, Vickroy will oversee day-to-day implementation of the college’s strategic planning initiatives as well as managing budgetary and human resources needs.
Preeminent faculty hires
• Dr. Christopher Vulpe has been hired and will soon join our faculty in the department of physiological sciences. Previously a professor in the department of nutritional science and toxicology, College of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley, Vulpe’s expertise will enhance UF research in areas of nutrition and toxicology and will contribute to our One Health preeminence initiative.

External engagement
The college has become more involved in interacting with local veterinary medical associations throughout the state with the focus of offering continuing education as part of an evening dinner – an “eat and learn” opportunity featuring college faculty sharing their expertise. In addition to this overall progress, we have specific updates to note in all areas of our mission. We will be presenting those in future updates. Stay tuned!

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