College video project wins video competition

New mediasite set up

This image captures the additional recording capacity the college has implemented to streamline teaching technology.

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine has won a video award competition for upgrades made to its audio-visual and lecture recording system.

Sponsored by Sonic Foundry, manufacturer of Mediasite recorders, the competition highlights accomplishments in various  recording categories. Winners of were honored April 27 at a ceremony held at the Mediasite User Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

“I nominated us for their Rapid Adoption Award because of our recent upgrades to the audio-visual and lecture recording system,” said Alison Kwiatowski, education coordinator in the college’s Office for Students and Instruction. “The video details the changes we have made and how we are now able to accommodate more recording requests than ever before.”

The college installed its first Mediasite recorder in 2011. That recorder was shared between three learning spaces and one conference room, with recordings facilitated by a single staff member and uploaded manually.

Illustration of old Mediasite set-up

This image captures the recording set-up prior to the addition of additional equipment and simultaneous recording capability.

“In a matter of months, we went from having one shared Mediasite to six dedicated recorders,” Kwiatowski said. “Now we support simultaneous, automated recording in all four of our lecture halls and two seminar rooms.”

Kwiatowski created the video, but credited David John, the college’s security supervisor and senior electronic technician, for his hard work and collaboration in the project.

“The project is not 100 percent complete, but we are getting close,” she said.



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