Davenport to lead Faculty Senate as chairman

Dr. Paul Davenport

Dr. Paul Davenport

Dr. Paul Davenport, a professor in the college’s department of physiological sciences, will represent the University of Florida’s faculty on the UF Board of Trustees as the chairman of the Faculty Senate.

His appointment was effective April 1 and marks the first time a faculty member in the UF College of Veterinary Medicine has served in the role.

The UF Board of Trustees is the public body corporate of the university. It sets policy for the institution, and serves as the institution’s legal owner and final authority, according to the group’s website. The board “holds the institution’s resources in trust and is responsible for their efficient and effective use,” the website states.

The board consists of six citizen members appointed by the Governor and five citizen members appointed by the Board of Governors. The Chair of the Faculty Senate and the President of the Student Body are also voting members.

A specialist in respiratory and neurophysiology, Davenport has published more than 160 peer reviewed research papers and more than 25 review articles with particular emphasis on the perception of breathing symptoms, children with life-threatening asthma, respiratory muscle rehabilitation, conscious control of breathing, traumatic brain injury, exercise performance assessment and airway defensive reflexes.

His research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, State of Florida Department of Health, private foundations and companies. He has produced several inventions, including a patent-pending device for internal airway percussion that is helpful for both human and veterinary patients with lung infections, and is the founding editor of Frontiers in Respiratory Physiology.



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